In the spirit of the Tokyo Olympics 2021 games, there has been curiosity around the cost of the medals, especially the gold medal.

James, who goes by @caucasianjames on Twitter, took it upon himself to look up the price. And they were pretty disappointed alongside the rest of us.

"An Olympic gold medal wouldn’t even cover my rent," James wrote.

"These poor Olympians, we gotta give them Teslas instead or something," he continued.

Although the medal is priceless, the cost of an Olympic gold medal is $820 at the current metal price.

Finding this out, people had a lot to say about the cost in the comments of James’ post.

"I would have to win seven gold medals to pay for my 2013 Mini Cooper with hail damage," someone wrote.

"How[are] they [going] say it’s priceless, then list the exact price, not even a full sentence after," another added.

A third also commented that the cost wouldn’t cover a speeding ticket, as they wrote, "wouldn’t even cover Georgia’s speeding ticket smh."

Check out some other responses to discovery below.

According to CNBC’s market watch, "the 6 grams of gold and 550 grams of silver in the Tokyo Olympics’ first-place medal are worth $353 and $466."

That’s $265 more than the 2018 medal that was valued at the time of the PyeongChang Opening Ceremony, even though this year’s medal has around 30 grams less silver.

Due to inflation, precious metals are much more valuable today than they were three years ago.

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