Viewers of Good Morning Britain have been left seething after a guest called for a ban on chocolate advent calendars.

In scenes reminiscent of the ire provoked by Jamie Oliver for suggesting children should probably eat more healthy food, PR consultant Nick Ede made the case that having chocolate every morning might not be the wisest move

Ede said:

It’s not just one chocolate, you’ll get one from your granny, from your auntie, it’s probably five chocolate buttons you’ll get every day. There’s an epidemic at the moment of people who are becoming addicted to the different types of sugars. Also the chocolate isn’t as good as it was in our day.

Amy Childs from The Only Way is Essex gave the case for the defence but Ede was having any of it:

25 days of chocolate actually equates to around four or five actual bars of chocolate a month. We’re basically saying, for the whole of the year, watch what you’re eating and you’ve got to eat healthy. Oh, but for this month, sugar every single morning.

As one might expect, the public were incensed by this, in fact, we've not seen them this riled since the referendum.

Let it be known by all, if you really want to rile the British public, simply suggest (you don't need to even threaten to do anything about it), but just suggest the idea that less chocolate would be better for all our healths.

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