Alien expert claims UFO he found on Google Earth could be lost ...
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A video showing an abandoned building with a terrifying never-ending hole in the floor has spooked TikTok.

The clip shows someone searching coordinates on Google Maps in Japan, which takes them to a building beside the site of the now-defunct Nara Dreamland's Water Park.

The TikToker then clicks the building, and they are shown a view from inside.

Horrifyingly, a huge hole is seen in the ground, along with windows filled with green light. At the end of the clip, a robot-like being is seen at the edge of the abyss.

For the duration of the video, text reading: “Nah wtf they hiding in Japan” appears on-screen.

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Since the clip was uploaded at the end of March, it has received 19.2 million views, 3.4 million likes, and 43,000 comments.


Rip camera man

One commenter remarked: “Bro credit to the cameraman who sacrificed himself to go in there.”

Another said: “Bro that’s just the next Squid Game season.”

The original uploader commented: “Google removed it”.

Hmm. We’re not convinced…

Others left comments asking if it’s the Backrooms, while others pointed out it’s Nara Dreamland.

The Backrooms refers to a creepypasta about a huge space you can get trapped in where there’s nothing “but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz”.

Nara Dreamland's Water Park, which when typed into Google does actually bring you to the buildings shown in the TikTok, was a Disney-inspired park that closed in 2006 after operating for 45 years.

But sadly the rest is fake.

The Daily Dot reports that the interior of the building appears to be from an alternate reality game. The presence of Billy le Robot and the fact that YouTubers have filmed their visits of the area without reporting anything other-worldly leads to the news site concluding that it’s all a hoax.

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