Man sticks camera in dishwasher to see how it actually works

Man sticks camera in dishwasher to see how it actually works
5 Surprising Things You Can Clean in a Dishwasher

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your dishwasher looks like while rinsing, cleaning, and drying your plates? Well, no need to wonder anymore because one man sacrificed his Go-Pro to show what happens during a cycle.

Warped Perception, a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, makes videos explaining and experimenting with mechanical engineering.

"My goal is to inspire others to get into STEM fields and explore their own capabilities and curiosities and to show that anything is possible in engineering with a little dedication."

The Youtube channel's about page says. "I often tend to debunk myths, answer the curiosities and expose just how things work that are normally difficult to see or replicate."

Exposing how the inside of a dishwasher operates is on the list of 'things normally difficult to see' making it a great candidate for Warped Perception.

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By encasing a Go-Pro 360 in a dive case and mounting it to the inside of the dishwasher, the YouTuber showed how the rinse cycle, soap dispensing, power-washing, and drying worked.

GoPro Inside a

Turns out there are not tiny Mr. Cleans scrubbing each surface with a small sponge.

During the rinse cycle, water is sprayed across the dishwasher in all different directions. Then the soap latch unlocks releasing dish soap to be sprayed across the dishwasher.

"Dishwasher: lets spray water everywhere and hope for the best," Asaad commented on the video.

Once soapy water has been moved around for a few minutes, the high-pressure wash cycle begins. Combined with heat, the hot water helps get tough grime and stains off. Although many commenters noted that due to the YouTuber's method of loading the dishes, it was difficult for the dishwasher to get some guacamole off a certain plate.

"The guacamole plate would have already been cleaned off early in the cycle if it had been loaded correctly on the lower rack," Ed chimed in.

Contrary to popular belief, there is an exact way to load the dishwasher.

Before finishing up the cycle, the dishwasher does a final rinse before heating everything inside to sanitize. For people who enjoy cleaning ASMR videos, this is the 15-minute video for you.

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