A family in Arizona may have an unexpected dinner guest this Thanksgiving, all thanks to a wrong number.

This year American Thanksgiving falls on November 24th, and it's a time for bringing people together.

And certainly time to star sending out invites.

Jamal Hinton, 17, received a surprise invitation by text.




Hinton was invited by accident to the family Thanksgiving of a total stranger. When he asked if he could still come, the Grandma had the best response.

Of course you can. That's what grandma's do...feed everyone.


America can be great again!

Hinton's friend, going by handle @RonaldDoee on Twitter, posted the conversation. As of Thursday it has been retweeted over 185,000 times and liked more than 600,000.

And neither @RonaldDoee nor Hinton remembered to redact the Grandma's phone number. Whoops.

Hinton told Mashable that the Grandma ('Wanda') had changed her number.

Me and her talked. She changed her number people were blowing up her phone with inappropriate things, but I am in contact with her daughter and grandson.

Buzzfeedtracked down the intended recipient for Wanda's original message, Brandon, her grandson.

His girlfriend Amanda, the one mentioned in Wanda's message, confirmed that Hinton's invitation was still on the table.

My boyfriend is talking to Jamal right now about Thanksgiving.

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