Kind Greggs staff pay for woman's food after she was left in tears when her money was taken

Kind Greggs staff pay for woman's food after she was left in tears when her money was taken
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A mother who was left in tears in Greggs after a cash mix-up has thanked the staff who paid for her food.

The grateful mum had her embarrassment saved by the team at an unnamed location of Greggs after the cash she had counted out to pay for her order seemed to disappear.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she had counted out the cash she needed to pay for some sausage rolls and placed it on the counter.

She turned around to sort something out with her child’s buggy, and when she turned back around the money was gone.

The cashier then asked for her payment and she realised that the money must have been taken.

She explained in the post: “I'm checking the buggy in case I've put it back my pockets, my bra the lot. No cash.

“So I'm saying, ‘but I must have, I don't have it anymore’, and start getting upset.

“She calls a colleague over, someone offers to pay and by now I'm properly crying because I'm embarrassed someone might think I'm trying to steal sausage rolls.”

The woman then explained that the kind staff at the branch declined to take the customer’s money and essentially put her order through the till as if it had been paid for.

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Staff also went a step further, offering her a cup of tea and consoling her as she was “properly blubbering”.

She explained in the post: “But by now I'm properly blubbering and saying I'm sorry and that I don't want them to think I'd try and steal it etc.

“They were very kind, reassured me it was probably a customer who'd picked it up and offered me a cup of tea.”

The woman said she was left feeling “pathetic” after crying at the incident, but other Mumsnet users reassured her.

One person wrote: “Sometimes it’s just a combination of things that can set someone off, isn’t it?

“The incident itself might not have been enough to make you cry on its own, but if you’re hot and bothered and you’re hungry and trying to wrangle a buggy and you’re having this weird conversation in front of other people and you’re starting to question your own sanity and etc etc etc and it all gets too much.”

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