Groom divides internet for wanting to make his ex-boyfriend best man at wedding

Groom divides internet for wanting to make his ex-boyfriend best man at wedding

A groom has divided the internet after posting about his experiences leading up to his wedding day, revealing that he told his wife he wanted his ex-boyfriend to be his best man.

The anonymous man wrote on Reddit and explained the context behind a disagreement he’d caused with his wife-to-be.

The 27-year-old said that he was bisexual and hadn’t told his partner that he used to be romantically involved with one of his close friends.

He wrote that the paid had dated for "less than a month" before deciding they were better off as friends.

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The post read: "Near the end of the year I'm going to be marrying the love of my life, we have been together for four years now. Since I popped the question we've been busy planning, and one of the first things we decided was our wedding party. We both already knew exactly who we were going to ask and we had no issues with each other's choices, at least at the beginning.

"My fiancée recently found out that I used to date my best man and is furious I never told her he was my ex and that I had not only invited him but also wanted him in the wedding party.”

He added: "The thing is, I never purposely hid the fact we use to date from her, I just genuinely forgot. We have been friends for years and we got on so well we decided to give it a try and it just wasn't meant to be. we were 'together' for less than a month and it wasn't really that different from how we were being friends except we had sex sometimes.

"I have to actively be reminded of it as it's not something I think about, when I look at him I don't see an ex I see my best friend of over 10 years. He was my friend for years before we dated and years after. I don't think it classes him as an ex and I don't think it should mean he's excluded from my wedding. But my fiancée is adamant that it's disrespectful to her and that it's her wedding so she should get a say.

"I don't want to exclude him but if I knew she would react like this I might have just invited him as a guest."

The post attracted some criticism, with some accusing him of keeping the truth from his partner.

"Hiding some facts about your past romantic relationship is the same as lying. Why did you not tell her about him?" one wrote.

However, another said that “it was an honest mistake”, adding: “I think you need to have a talk with her about why she feels disrespected without trying to discount her feelings.”

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