Groom starts debate online after holding a controversial sign at wedding

Groom starts debate online after holding a controversial sign at wedding

A groom has sparked a debate on TikTok after displaying a controversial sign to his wedding guests.

In a viral clip posted to the platform, the bride and groom can be seen saying their vows at the altar. However, attention soon turned to the man who was hiding one hand behind his back with a message on his phone reading: "Help me!!!"

The footage has since racked up a staggering 34.5 million views, with tens of thousands more comments flooding TikTok.

One wrote: "He obviously has an awesome sense of humour and I guess, so does she. She knows the man she is marrying. I love people who can make you laugh."

Another added: "My dad put that on the bottom of his shoes. Everyone laughed. It was a joke."

One person was not happy about the footage, writing: "If my husband-to-be did this he would no longer have a wife."

Meanwhile, one thoughtful commentator questioned: "Imagine he actually needed help."

Many more TikTokers chimed in with laughing face emojis - but clearly, not everyone was impressed.


Wedding day blues!!!

While the prank was seemingly in good humour, it wasn't the case for another couple who got divorced after just three minutes.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that one bride from Kuwait called it quits after being mocked by her groom for tripping up during the ceremony.

The bizarre story soon surfaced on X/Twitter, with one person writing: "I went to a wedding where the groom spent his speech making fun of his wife like it was some kind of roast, as did her father. She should have done what this woman did."

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