Woman shares phone hack that will capture when 'gym creeps' are staring at you

Woman shares phone hack that will capture when 'gym creeps' are staring at you
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A woman has shared an iPhone hack that can help you spot creepy people staring while at the gym.

The viral hack was posted by TikTok user Emily (@emilywithanimals) who shared the clip with the caption: “This video is probably going to upset some men lol.”

In the video, she explained how using your phone’s camera function can help you spot people staring at the gym without having to make eye contact with them.

She explained: “So if you ever have that feeling that there’s a creeper staring at you, but you don’t want to actually look at them and risk making eye contact, I’ve got a trick for you.”

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Next, she shared how to do the hack by using her husband as an example. She put her phone on the camera function and had it angled down slightly as if she was texting.

Then, she utilised the camera’s wide-angle function to get a look at the guy’s face to be able to see if they are staring.


This video is probably going to upset some men lol #equinox #gymcreeps #whydomen #iphonetricks #lifehacks

She continued: “Point your camera down low and just pretend you’re texting—totally not suspicious.

“Without moving your phone, switch to wide angle and now you’ll be able to see their face and whether or not they’re staring at you.”

Emily also shared footage of someone she caught staring at her by using the phone camera method.

The feature is available on iPhone 11s and above and works when the user selects .5x or .6x, essentially making the camera zoom out.

In the comments, people shared their thoughts on the hack, with one writing it was “genius”. The conversation also questioned why women are forced to do such things.

One person commented: “This is GENIUS.”

Another wrote: “This is really good advice.”

Someone else said: “The amount of work that is being a woman ugh!! We gotta have all the tricks and skills to protect ourselves from dying!”

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