Woman gets man banned from a gym after she catches him secretly filming another woman

Another TikTok account has exposed a man secretly filming women working out at a gym.

A video captured by TikTok user @anneli.k8 shows a man sitting on a piece of gym equipment while he casually films a woman working out opposite him.

The video is captioned “LADIES WE NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR EACHOTHER. I told the girl and notified staff.” The clip, which was shared on Wednesday has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times on TikTok alone and has prompted a multitude of women to express their frustration at this, which is becoming a frequent occurrence.


One woman wrote in response: “Do you know how uncomfortable it makes us feel … A lot of us wear regular gym clothes and it still doesn’t stop.”

Another said: “It would be a shame if you dropped your water bottle on his phone because you’re sweaty.”

Amazingly some men tried to claim that the man wasn’t doing anything wrong and was actually filming a man for his “form”. Anneli debunked these claims in two follow-up videos.

Anneli has since revealed that the gym, which she identified as Crunch Fitness in Norman, Oklahoma that they have banned the man from their venue after the video was brought to their attention.


This follows a series of stories about women being treated inappropriately at gyms by men including one incident of a gym employee groping a woman.

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