<p>Harry Styles fans are so upset that “Ticketmaster” is now trending on Twitter.</p>

Harry Styles fans are so upset that “Ticketmaster” is now trending on Twitter.

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Harry Styles has rescheduled his upcoming Love On Tour, but the musician and his management have yet to inform fans who have already purchased tickets.

Instead, the prospective concert-goers heard the disappointing news via an email from ticket-booking site Ticketmaster — and to say they are dissatisfied to have not heard a thing from the singer, who’s currently vacationing in Italy, is an understatement.

In fact, Styles stans are so upset that “Ticketmaster” is now trending on Twitter.

Fans seem especially offended because the news was delivered whilst Styles lounges on a yacht in Italy. “I’m actually really disappointed that we had to find out through Ticketmaster while Harry’s on a yacht in Italy,” one fan wrote. “The least you could do is break the news to your millions of fans before a computer automated email gets sent out.”

Others pointed out the irony that they’ve heard more from the ticket website than they had from anyone who represents Styles.

Thus, fans are particularly outraged with “HSHQ,” which stands for Harry Styles headquarters, for what they consider to be an egregious oversight. “People upset about the lack of tour updates are not saying harry doesn’t deserve a break or even that the lack of communication is harry’s fault,” one person clarified. “Everyone with tickets deserves updates from the artist’s official pages, not a Ticketmaster email.”

Fans simply feel they deserve better communication from Mr. Styles’ headquarters.

Hopefully Styles fans will get some clarification — or at least an update — from Styles and/or his management. And soon.

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