Hasan Piker roasted for claiming streaming is harder than a 'real job'

Hasan Piker roasted for claiming streaming is harder than a 'real job'
The History of Hasan Piker: Political Pundit & Twitch Streamer
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Streamer HasanAbi - whose real name is Hasan Piker - has once again found himself in the centre of controversy.

This time around, Hasan is facing backlash for claiming that streaming on Twitch is harder than working a "real job".

“Yes, a real job can be gruesome, a real job can make you very tired, but a real job doesn’t suck the soul out of you,” Hasan told his viewers. “The same way that nine hours of streaming absolutely will.”

Unsurprisingly, his comments did not go down well with viewers, with many sharing the clip on social media.

"I wonder why he streaming instead of working a 9-5 then?" one viewer wrote.

A content creator also criticised Hasan's comments, calling him "dumb" and adding: "Every day I'm grateful I get to do this job over a 9-5."

"[I guess] feeling like you are stuck in the same place making minimum wage is good for the soul," another viewer added.

However, Hasan pushed back against the criticism, claiming the viral clip was taken "completely out of context". Adding the longer clip with added context, where he says "retail" jobs, the "service sector" and "people pleasing jobs" are "very similar" to streaming in the way it drains social battery.

"I was talking about how much a 9 hour stream eats away at my social battery & how I can't socialise after," Hasan wrote on Twitter/X. "I recognise how fortunate I am every day!"

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