Six of the biggest streaming scandals of all time

Six of the biggest streaming scandals of all time
Twitch to Allow Streamers to Stop Some Users From Watching Their Streams

When you’re living your life constantly online, it’s no surprise that streamers occasionally make mistakes for all to see.

Streamers have become some of the most watched people on the planet over recent times, with millions tuning in to consume content on platforms like Kick and Twitch.

Inevitably, mistakes – deliberate or not – are made and scandals emerge, with platforms quick to clamp down on anything that infringes on their rules.

These are the biggest scandals in streaming history, from content violations to the most unfortunate slip ups imaginable.



The most recent - and arguably most unfortunate - scandal involves iShowSpeed. The 18-year-old accidentally exposed himself to thousands of fans while live streaming to 24,000 fans. He inadvertently flashed the camera, explaining that it all happened because he didn't have any clean underwear and had to go commando on the day.

He escaped being banned by YouTube, thankfully, but he’s been subjected to trolling by fans in the days since with people (including his father, no less) constantly calling him "IShowMeat" online.

"These past days and hours, I've been suffering very mentally, genuinely," iShowSpeed told viewers recently, honestly discussing his feelings since the incident. "At the end of the day, I'm still a human being."

He said it was "one of the worst fears" that has happened and that it's "just depressing."

"You guys are joking, you guys can crack your jokes – but you're genuinely not looking at the bigger picture," he said. "Do you all know I have family, little siblings?"

"I don't know what to do anymore, bro," Speed added.

Twitch streamer banned for running over dog

A Twitch streamer was banned from the platform for appearing to run over a dog after getting distracted by her phone while driving her car in a bizarre case earlier this year.

On February 17th, Polish streamer 'sidneuke' was streaming from her car and chatting to her followers when she briefly glanced down at her phone.

In those few seconds the car appears to hit something and a small yelp can be heard. A distressed 'sidneuke' then stops the car and gets out to check whatever she hit was ok.

Shortly after the ban 'sidneuke' received a ban from Twitch. Her account read at the time: "This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service." It is not clear if the ban is permanent or not.

It was not clear why 'sidneuke' was hit with a ban but it has been suggested that it was for using her phone while she was driving, which has happened to other streamers on the platform.

Twitch streamer banned for 'sexual content' while playing fishing simulator


A Twitch live streamer was banned due to “sexual content” in 2022 while streaming a fishing game and hit out at the platform as a result.

Streamer Sara "ih3artpew" Heart criticised the app, owned by Amazon, for the indefinite ban which came just minutes into a stream.

Heart claims the Amazon-owned site banned her for “sexual content” but insists there was nothing sexual about the stream.

The incident occurred on 22 August last year when Heart went live online playing the game, Ultimate Fishing.

Woman banned for having sex while live on a Twitch stream

A popular Twitch streamer was banished from the platform for sexual content in 2022, marking one of the most blatant violations of streaming rules.

Kimmikka was banned for having live sex during one of her broadcasts. While the footage didn't explicitly show anything explicit, the window reflection gave it away.

The pair were drinking alcohol while the camera focused primarily on her face. Her facial expressions soon started to change, creating suspicions in the comments. Her partner's face can also be seen in the background at one point, while the streamer tried to keep things discreet by continuing to respond to viewers.

Twitch streamer banned for humping Garfield toy

Viral Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber Ricky Berwick was banned from the platform after he “humped” his stuffed Garfield toy. Surprisingly, though, he said he had no regrets.

Berwick is known on social media to create comedic skits, but things went a little too far during the broadcast earlier this year.

On 4 January, StreamerBans shared a tweet, relaying the news that Twitch banned Berwick.

Fortunately, the creator didn’t waste any time revealing what went down and how long the platform said his punishment would carry on.

In a post on his official Twitter, Berwick shared a screenshot of an email Twitch sent him about getting a “Community guidelines strike” concerning “sexually explicit content”.

“My Twitch is disabled like me,” Berwick captioned the tweet.

And in another tweet, he said he got the suspension because he decided to get a bit frisky with his Garfield stuffed animal.

“It's only a 7 day ban. I humped my Garfield plush (clothed) for 20 subs.Worth ittt,” Berwick added.

Streamer banned after recording himself receiving oral sex

Twitch streamer Heelmike was banished from rival platform Kick for a single day after recording himself receiving oral sex.

The crude footage showed Heelmike recording himself while a woman performed the sex act.

He took to social media following the act, admitting he was "over the top".

"One day ban on Kick after averaging 15K views and honestly I got lost in the sauce and was over the top," he admitted. "I’ll be back with the energy, but not being disrespectful."

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