"Hawk Tuah" Girl Hailey Welch now in talks for her own reality show

"Hawk Tuah" Girl Hailey Welch now in talks for her own reality show
'Hawk Tuah Girl' reveals her real plans for OnlyFans
New York Post / VideoElephant

The “Hawk Tuah” girl Hailey Welch is reportedly in talks to have her own reality show following viral success.

Welch has been riding the wave of viral fame after she was filmed by street YouTubers TimandDeeTV responding with a hilarious answer to a NSFW question.

The 21-year-old from Nashville could soon be heading to Hollywood as TMZ reports she is in talks to get her own TV show.

The publication said sources said her viral fame has created a “buzz” among producers and sparked the idea of a reality show about her life.

However, it is not simply the “hawk tuah” video that is proving exciting for TV bosses, but rather it is Welch’s funny overall personality which was recently demonstrated on a podcast appearance with Brianna LaPaglia.

The owner of Fathead Threads, a clothing company Welch released merch with, also told Rolling Stone: “She has a bubbly personality. She can be somewhat risque. You never know what she’s gonna say. I just think the world needed a laugh, and she provided that.”

Sources suggest Welch is gathering a team to help her create a social media presence and to assist her with future business ventures, such as a potential TV career.

It comes after reports suggest Welch is trademarking the iconic phrase that made her famous, has created an LLC company and is making merch to capitalise on her 15 minutes of fame.

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