10 of the worst British takes about the heatwave

10 of the worst British takes about the heatwave

Dominic Raab responds to the heatwave


It is hot right now in the UK – very hot. Both weather and health experts are telling us to avoid the sun and keep cool as it’s predicted temperatures could reach 40C for the first time and the Met Office issued its first red warning for extreme heat on Monday and Tuesday.

The weather agency said it is “potentially a very serious situation” with “exceptionally warm nights” – all of which, they say, is likely to lead to “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure”.

Meanwhile, the UK Health Security Agency – which replaced Public Health England last year – has issued a Level 4 alert, meaning serious heatwaves “could have impacts beyond health and social care, with potential effects on transport systems, food, water, energy supplies and business”.

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Yet despite the concerning picture being painted by the professionals – and rightly so – there’s still prominent right-wingers out there who think being able to nom a Magnum outside in a deadly heatwave is a show of bravery or something.

Just take the weather seriously, for goodness’ sake.

Here’s 10 of the worst takes we’ve seen about this week’s heatwave, but trust us when we say we could have added many, many more:

And it isn’t just on social media where individuals are trying to downplay the worsening climate crisis, as on Thursday, GB News presenter Bev Turner told an actual Meteorolgist to just be “happy” about the rising temperatures we’ve been getting at the moment.

In scenes which have been compared to the Netflix film Don’t Look Up, Turner told John Hammond: “I want us to be happy about the weather. I don’t know whether something’s happened to meteorologists to make you all a little bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom.”

Ah, that “something” would be global warming, Bev.

And all of this is before we get to those making the argument that they “survived” a heatwave back in 1976

It’s too hot for us to be having a headache from all the ridiculous climate denial…

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