Recruiters look at your CV for six seconds before putting it in the bin, according to a survey in 2012 by job search site The Ladders.

So how are you supposed to hold their attention?

The answer is, according to Jane Heifetz, a 20-30 word summary.

Heifetz, founder and principal of Right Résumés and a contributing editor to the Harvard Business Review, says each summary should be tailored according to the role - and results-focused.

Note the types of organisations and industries you’ve worked in. Include years of experience and avoid generic terms such as results-driven, proven track record, excellent communication skills, team player.

Make it immediately clear that you have what it takes to excel in her position, distinguish yourself from other applicants, and expect the phone to start ringing.

Time to start drafting that summary.

If that fails, our advice is to pour a coffee 'till it overflows and say it’s because you always give 110 per cent.

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