Photo: iSTOCK / toeytoey2530
Photo: iSTOCK / toeytoey2530

Try saying 'Jason Derulo' without automatically singing it in his voice.

You can't do it. It's impossible.

The singer's catchy tag has lingered in the minds of pop music fans worldwide for years now, but a new viral tweet has made his signature tag even more difficult to forget.

The caption refers to a video created by a young boy known only as #jasonderuloboy.

In the clip, he stands in front of a calendar and reels off its months, before stopping at June and pointing out that the remaining months spell out 'JASON D'.

Of course, he sings the jingle.

The joke even made its way to Derulo himself, who requested help from his followers to find the kid in the video.

Fingers crossed!

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