Hillary Clinton indirectly shaded Donald Trump’s breath online.


Turns out Donald Trump might not have the best of breath, at least, that’s what Hillary Clinton seems to be insinuating anyway.

Canadian journalist Elizabeth Renzetti took to Twitter to praise the former U.S Secretary of State’s new political-mystery novel, “State of Terror.”

The book, which was released back in October, features a character named President Eric Dunn, which Renzetti described in her tweet as a “hulking moron whose breath smells of meat.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed State of Terror by Louise Penny and Hillary Clinton, not least as an act of revenge on ‘President Eric Dunn,’ a hulking moron whose breath smells of meat,” she wrote.

Although she wasn’t tagged in the Renzetti’s tweet, Clinton must have been snooping around on Twitter as she decided to respond in a quoted tweet.

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In a rather cheek-in-tongue manner she responded, “Could have been based on anyone....”

With Clinton’s tweet came confirmation of what was already widely assumed: President Eric Dunn was based on former President Donald Trump.

It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and realize that Clinton’s 2016 election rival probably inspired her book in more ways than one.

And the internet is absolutely living for her shady response.

“shade=thrown,” wrote one commenter.

Another said, “…whose breath smells of meat..” Well, technically Big Macs may not be meat, but we know who you mean, Hillary.”

As you may recall, Trump loves his burgers.

I mean, seriously loves burgers.

So has Clinton’s art imitated life? It sure seems like it.

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