What great figures from history would have looked like if they were alive today

Royalty_Now/Instagram/Becca Saladin

We live in an age where we can access images of almost anyone in the world.

Be they celebrities or your old friend from school, the internet and social media is a treasure trove of pictures of anyone that has been fortunate enough to exist since cameras have been invented.

However, there are millions of influential people throughout history who sadly never had their picture taken and are instead remembered through paintings and sculptures.

We're talking about the likes of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Marie Antoinette.

Although we have a pretty good idea of what they used to look like, have you ever wondered what they would have looked like in 2020?

Well, wonder no longer as the Instagram account royalty_now_ is here to provide you with a vision of what yesterday's icons would have looked like in the modern world.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Henry VII

Marie Antoinette

Mary, Queen of Scots

Abraham Lincoln

Anne Boleyn

Jane Austen

Mona Lisa

Prince Albert

Elizabeth I

Benjamin Franklin


Alexander the Great

Julius Caesar


Henry VIII

Christina of Denmark

Anastasia Romanov

Katherine of Aragon

Writing for Bored Panda, Becca Saladin, who runs the Instagram account and created the images said:

I’ve always thought how incredible it would be to see historical events and people the way they actually happened and the way they actually looked.

I started Royalty Now in February of 2019, simply as a way for me to see my favourite historical figure, Anne Boleyn, as a modern woman.

I wanted to know if she could come to life from the few pale, flat portraits we have of her.

I started the account to satisfy my own curiosity about what members of the past would look like if they were standing right in front of me

If you would like to see more of Becca's work then we whole-heartedly encourage you to give her a follow on Instagram.

If that wasn't enough the images have been given a twist by Dr Gillian Kenny, who gave these icons of history new characters and roles in the modern age, in a very amusing Twitter thread.

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