Hooters waitress furious at man 'who tried to get her number while he was on date'

Hooters waitress furious at man 'who tried to get her number while he was on date'
Telling someone their partner is cheating - Like It Or Not?

A Hooters waitress was furious at a customer who tried to give her his phone number while seemingly on a date with another woman.

In the clip, uploaded to TikTok by Jody Tavares, she spoke about the moment to her followers, noting that he wrote his number on a packet of wet wipes and slipped it in with the tip.

“If you and your boyfriend went to the Stars game in downtown Dallas and came to the Hooters in downtown Dallas afterwards, and I was your waitress,” Tavares says in the video.

“I don’t know how the f*** your boyfriend pulled this off, but I’m going to expose him.

“I’m tired of these men acting s*****as f****, especially when you’re right there,” she continued, referring to the woman he was with.

“Because I don’t think you’re his mom.”


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Taking to the comments section of her post, Tavares updated viewers to let them know the man was actually at the restaurant with his sister.

Still, some people didn’t believe that.

“But if it was his sister, why did he try to hide it? Why didn’t he just write it on a napkin or the receipt?” one person wrote.

“Why did he hide it if it was his sister? But I mean ok,” another added.

A third wrote: “Maybe if he wasn’t so sketchy about it, you would’ve known it was his sister wtf is wrong with men.”

Others shared stories of their siblings hitting on people when they were with them and how “shady” it looks with someone adding: [My brother] does. It’s weird; lol he acts shady and does it secretly because he thinks I’ll say something embarrassing. Which I will.”

Indy100 reached out to Tavares via TikTok comment and Hooters via email.

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