How the wit and wisdom of Nigel Farage is raising money for immigrants

First Alcopop! Records tried to buy Ukip’s website domain. Now, it is promising the wit and wisdom of Nigel Farage on two sides of a 7” record.

And yes, one side of the record is just complete silence.

The indie record label is due to release the satirical single ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage’ during election week, and it says the record is a representation of what is going on in the Ukip leader’s mind.

The A side is completely blank, short of “a few natural crackles and pops”. The B side put together by a member of Shikari Sound System is a remix of the track containing sounds including dripping taps and seagulls.

Jack Clothier of Alocopop! explained that it was based on the 1980s Stiff Records parody ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan’ that the company is a big fan of.

We’ve always thought that Stiff Records Reagan 7” was about the best thing that’s ever happened, and it felt like it was the right time to take a leaf out of their book.

We’re not a massively political label, but we’re opposed to Ukip. We're just genuinely terrified at what could to happen to this country if people listen to the slick, media savvy cult of Farage rather than looking at this policies.

The choice of sounds is also apparently not meant to signify anything specific, but are simply “random ambient noises”.

The record as well as T-shirts are on pre order on the label’s website, and the song will be available to download on iTunes.

A proportion of the profits will go the Migrants' Rights Network, somewhere that Clothier says they “thought the money should go to”.

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