Man goes viral after suggesting the navy should stop Hurricane Dorian with ice

Tyler Vazquesz/Twitter

Hurricane Dorian, a category five storm which has already ripped through the Bahamas is potentially on course to reach Florida at some point in the next few days.

Prior to the storm, there had been some interesting comments from Donald Trump as to how to stop the hurricane from reaching land, which reportedly included dropping a nuclear bomb on the hurricane.

Obviously that isn't a good idea, that wouldn't even work if they actually tried it but a Florida man (yes, it's a 'Florida man' story) thinks he has a better idea.

In a video shared by Florida Today journalist Tyler Vazquez a man in a very fetching tropical shirt from the city of Palm Bay believes that the navy should get involved and drop ice in the warm water.

I can't see how they haven't come up with a way yet to combat these storms yet. They keep saying that it is going to hit all this warm weather and warm water.

We have a navy why don't the navy come and drop ice into the warm water so it can't get going as fast as it is going?

He wasn't done there. He also had suggestions as to how the US airforce could help too.

There have gotta be ways to combat this instead of just pointing at it and saying 'now it's getting worse.'  

Yeah we know it's getting worse but you keep telling us 'it's the warm weather, the wind.' We have an airforce.

Why don't we get some planes to fly around it and get the winds going in the opposite way or the navy to go in circles and fight it the other way?

To be honest, we can't really say that his suggestion is incorrect as we are not meteorologists or military experts but we're pretty sure this wouldn't work.

However, his innovative answer has gone viral and people aren't quite sure what to think.

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