Hurricane Ian linemen have taken over Florida Tinder

Hurricane Ian linemen have taken over Florida Tinder
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Assesses Damage After Hurricane Ian

Linemen have swarmed Florida to fix the electrical wiring destroyed by Category 4 Hurricane Ian.

And they appear to have swept locals off their feet after popping up on dating apps like Tinder.

But as the workers rush to the scene, their "linewives" back home are afraid that they'll be snagged by "bucket bunnies," a term they use to describe women lusting after them.

It seems that the bunnies are ready to hop, wasting no time taking to social media to keep their eyes on the workers.

"Everyone saying pray for Florida, but this is our Tinder now," one woman joked in a clip that had 9.3 million views at the time of writing.

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Within the video, she also showed a compilation of images from her Tinder feed that showed dating profiles belonging to said linemen.


I’m doing fine 🥰 #hurricaneian#florida#linemen#bluecollar#fyp

"I'll brb… I'm going to Florida," one wrote in the comments.

Not me looking for my HUSBAND," another added.

According to the Urban Dictionary, "bucket bunnies" seek linemen regardless of their relationship status. And some supposed cheaters have already been called out by strangers online.

But on the other hand, some linewives are clapping back, threatening the so-called "bucket bunnies" who dare to pursue their men.

While it's no WWE SmackDown, some harsh words are being exchanged in some not-so-friendly fire.

"When hurricane season hits and all the little bucket bunnies come crawling out of the woodwork, us linewives are a different kind of breed, honey. And rabbit season starts soon," one linewife asked in a TikTok with over 14,000 views.

In the comments section of the post, fellow linewives and allies were in support of her remarks, while others didn't know why she would go after the other women.

"I feel you, but isn't it the man's a good man that stays faithful?" one person said.

"Or just get yourself a man that doesn't cheat?" another agreed.

The creator also took to the post's comment section to note that she doesn't have to worry about her own husband partaking in the behaviour.

Elsewhere, another TikToker shared that she is a "pipeline wife" and referenced the term "row h***", a term that describes a woman who works in the pipeline industry and indulges in sexual activity to get further in their career, Urban Dictionary states.

"We dealt with Row H–s before tik tok. I stand with all the linemen wives as they prepare to take on the Florida bucket bunnies..." the woman's onscreen caption reads.


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Although this is not really a "trend," people can argue that this is a form of entertainment and drama all in one.

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