Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

The husband of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stole the spotlight on Thursday night with his stunning wardrobe choices.

Some commentators have already picked up on the sweet political innocence of William "Bill", the spouse of the new potential president Hillary.

But Bill showed them all. The Arkansas born 69-year-old showed age doesn't matter as he wowed the audience with a sharp two-button suit with wide lapels. The dark jacket contrasted his white shirt and bright red tie - all of which popped and said 'I'm ready to give it all for my wife's future'.

The fetching attire highlighted his muscular arms and winning smile. The black, white, and red combination was matched by fellow man on the stage Tim Kaine. His stylist (still kept secret from the media!) deserves a round of applause.

Picture: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty

Those in the media who think Bill is just a clothes horse, be warned. Despite piercing blue eyes he is ready for big changes if Hillary wins in November. Ready for even the White House? When he was just 17 Bill had the honour of meeting president Kennedy, when his sports team were invited to Washington, DC in 1963.

Picture: Flickr

Bill was a looker even back then!

In his address to the Democratic National Convention, president Obama noted that Hillary was more qualified than Bill to be president. Well yeah, she's the wife! He works for a charity at the moment. Impressive, but it's not quite the Situation Room. But, reportedly, Hillary takes a real interest in Bill's work, just as much as she does her own. It's really great for such a busy woman to be so supportive of her husband's career, but Bill also knows it's his job to support her.

Picture: Alex Wong/Getty
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