Fitness influencer admits faking having terminal cancer for followers

Fitness influencer admits faking having terminal cancer for followers
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A prominent fitness influencer has admitted to lying about having late-stage pancreatic cancer in order to gain followers.

The woman, famously known as MianBaobao on social media, announced the diagnosis three years ago. According to Insider, the Taiwanese influencer went as far as adding her "illness" to her Instagram bio. "Non-professional weightlifting athlete and a professional cancer fighter," it reportedly read.

Her lies started to be exposed a year ago when her ex-husband shared his suspicions.

"Every time she went for treatment she insisted that her family drop her off at the entrance to the hospital and insisted on seeing the doctor alone," he said, as per the South China Morning Post.

"The total medical expenses for the whole family in 2021 amounted to just $275, and I never saw any attending doctor, diagnosis proof, or hospital receipts from her in the past two years."

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The influencer has since deleted all of her Instagram posts and issued an apology.

"To all the family members, friends, fans, and netizens who have cared about me, supported me, and cheered me on, I want to apologize.

"I did the last thing a person should do. I lied about cancer and lied to everyone for three years. I'm sorry to anyone who ever gave me a little kindness.

"I know I deserve to die for the things I've done. And now I need to pay the price for the choices I've made."

She went on to address companies who she previously secured brand deals with, writing: "If there's a company that requires me to fork out a sum for compensation, I will do so. But I know there's damage that has been done that money cannot compensate for. All I can do is apologise again."

Indy100 reached out to the influencer for comment.

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