Influencer shuts down rumours after being accused of photoshopping herself in Paris

An influencer has shut down rumours after being accused of photoshopping herself into a series of city break snaps “in Paris.” 

Jess Hunt, a British social media influencer boasting 1.5 million followers, posted a series of city photos to her Instagram captioned “One of my fave cities.”

The five photos show the 24-year-old posing on the Pont d’Iéna bridge that leads to the Eiffel Tower – but followers were quick to highlight that something didn’t look quite right.

Inevitably, the notorious Gossip Girl-esque Instagram account, Celeb Spellcheck, picked up on a suspected Photoshop blunder and reposted the snaps to their account, calling her a “virtual tourist.”

Following the accusations, Jess turned to Daily Mail Australia to clear up the rumours.

“These pictures weren’t Photoshopped; I was genuinely there,” she told the news outlet.

“I even have a video on the Instagram post of me in front of the Eiffel Tower.”

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Celeb Spellcheck’s post was inundated with comments from eagle-eyed followers. “Eiffel for it,” one joked, while another pointed out, “She’s literally got no shadow anywhere.”

“I was at the Eiffel Tower 2020. You 100% cannot drive underneath. It is a big garden and pedestrian area,” one follower alleged. “You can drive beside it – but as this video is – you cannot drive underneath like this.”

“Real video of the tower or not, she’s still photoshopped herself into it,” Celeb Spellcheck responded.

One called the alleged Photoshop stunt “sorcery”, saying the influencer “could work for the CIA with these skills.”

“It’s the middle of the road for me”, another commented.

Others jumped to the defence of the influencer, saying, “Haters will always hate. Y’all don’t even know her, if you ever see her stories, you can clearly see that she was there,’ one posted. ‘I hope this is just a joke.”

“This isn’t a photoshop, she’s been flash lit from the front and backlit, so it knows out the shadow,” another said.

indy100 has reached out to the influencer for further comment.

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