Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel had 279,000 followers on Instagram, hooked on their every photo. It’s also the place Mustang just announced that the couple, who lived in Byron Bay in Australia, have now split up.

She wrote on Instagram:

If you love something set it free.. if it comes back it's yours -

Mitch and Myself have taken a break from our relationship. It's has nothing to do with not loving one another but more to do with what is right and wrong for both of us right now.

A month ago, she wrote:

I feel alone more then ever and I feel as though my best friend is just is not around when I need him the most.

And here's the couple in happier times:

Gobel said in his own Instagram post:

I don't know if I'll ever find love like that again, life was just so beautiful - perfectly imperfect; it really was like a fairy tale. The adventures, the places we saw, our home and the lifestyle we lived, the sex... the sex. 

For now these memories are infused in my mind as the greatest days of my life, maybe they'll hold that position forever and I'm totally content with that. 

Gobel also shares stories of his addiction on Instagram:

Gobel told FEMAIL:

At the height of my using, I was doing four days on drugs, sometimes five, then three or four days in bed recovering, I'd be a ghost of a human, just useless - no emotions, no energy, no love.

I'd lay in bed for a few days until I felt better and then repeat the process all over again. It was the darkest time of my life, I just couldn't get my s*** together.

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