Instagram account expertly trolls 'influencer' pastors who wear expensive trainers


These days, there’s an Instagram account for everything.

The latest viral account, Preachersnsneakers, has been launched to call out celebrity preachers who wear outfits and sneakers worth thousands of dollars. If you didn’t know “celebrity preachers” are a thing, well, welcome to hell with those of us who are enlightened.

Some of the more expensive trainers this new Instagram features include the “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2s, which sell for upwards of $5,000.

The account questions whether church leaders really need such expensive trainers and whether they should be showing them off on Instagram to thousands of followers.

Apparently, the tax status of churches means donations in the form of outfits might work as a tax write-off for designers. For example, if a designer were to gift a pastor $10,000 worth of clothing, it would count as giving $10,000 to the church for charity.

One of these celebrity preachers, pastor Chad Veach, claimed on Instagram his clothes had been given to him for free. But is that acceptable? Whatever your views, the account has clearly started an important debate.

H/T: High Snobiety

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