Invisible Man director calls out Limmy review posted 2 years ago in bizarre post

The Invisible Man - Trailer

Comedian Limmy has found himself under fire in a bizarre post from the director of The Invisible Man.

Filmmaker Leigh Whannell responded to a review which Limmy, real name Brian Limmond, wrote on Twitter more than two years ago.

Back in June 2020, Limmy said about the film on Twitter: “I really liked it at first, I liked how it wasn't just about a literal invisible man, it symbolised this and that.

“But as it went on, we were f***ing shouting at the plot holes. Somebody opens a vein at one point. Two minutes later, it's like it never happened. No cut, no blood, f*** all.

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“And just tons of other things. Why would she do this if she's just done that? What happened to the thingy? Why would... how come... AS IF THAT WOULD HAPPEN.”

And that was that… until the director decided to criticise Limmy a total of 28 months later.

Australian Whannell, who also co-created the Saw franchise with James Wan and wrote horror film Insidious, wrote seemingly out of nowhere: “One of my followers just reminded me of the time this guy started critiquing Invisible Man and I was wondering if any of my UK friends could review his work for me.”

Limmy reviewed the Elizabeth Moss film more than two years agoLimmy/Twitch/Blumhouse

That was strange enough, but he then followed it up by calling the comedian a "c***snot".

After one of his followers replied saying “who is he?” Whannell added: “I don’t know but he started shitting on the film and I was like ‘hey there, filmmaker here’ and he got a bit sheepish and was like ‘sorry, I didn’t think you’d see that’ and I was like ‘it’s the Internet c***snot, everyone can see it’.”

The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss currently holds an 88 per cent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cult comedian Limmy is the creator of Limmy’s Show, which ran for three series on the BBC from 2010-2013. He also previously turned a Leave voter breaking down and apologising for Brexit into an annoyingly catchy song.

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