A screenshot of Samuel Kempf catching an iPhone in mid-air
A screenshot of Samuel Kempf catching an iPhone in mid-air
Samuel Kempf/Twitter

A video of a man catching a dropped phone while riding a roller coaster has gone viral on social media.

The unbelievable catch was recorded on the Shambhala ride at the Port Aventura amusement park in Spain.

Unlike most roller coasters, the whole ride on the Shambhala is filmed - allowing the extraordinary moment to be captured on camera.

The New Zealand Herald got in contact with Samuel Kempf, the man behind the catch, to get some more information on what went down.

He told the newspaper he returned the phone to its owner, who thanked him by buying the footage from the “videoride” as a souvenir.

Kempf said:

He couldn’t believe it, he gave me a big hug.

The funniest reaction was when we had got off the roller coaster and you go down to look at the photos and videos they take and half the people there seemed to be watching our screen and then everyone started cheering and clapping when it happened.

Incredibly, Kempf is not the only person to nail a mid-air catch on a roller coaster.

Here are two other examples from the exact same roller coaster.

The catch in this video is at 1:02:

And it’s at 1:17 in this one:

The Shambhala must be a particularly lucky ride - or maybe these catches are a lot more common than you'd think.

HT: Snopes

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