The terrifying theme park ride from South Korea that has gone viral is completely fake

dweena/Twitter/Exo Official/YouTube

A viral clip of a quite frankly terrifying looking theme park ride has gone viral on Twitter but there is a's completely fake.

The short video shows a ride known as the Gyro Drop, which is part of the Lotte World entertainment complex in Seoul, South Korea.

The ride does genuinely exist but not as the viral clip would suggest.

In the footage, the tower extends to a quite alarming height and as the carousel rises up the seats drop down and effectively become swings and begin to rotate before dropping back down to the ground.

The video has been doing the rounds on Twitter for a few days now and the thought of such a ride existing has horrified people.

However, since the footage went viral, the internet started to do some research into what the actual ride looked like and they were probably a bit disappointed.

Rather than having dangerous looking swings drop down from the carousel, the seats remain in place as the ride spins around before dropping again.

Still, looks like a good ride and nowhere near as troubling as the version in the viral clip.

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