iShowSpeed treated by medics after science experiment went wrong

iShowSpeed treated by medics after science experiment went wrong
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Popular streamer iShowSpeed has received medical attention after one of his stunts went wrong.

On 3 October, the 18-year-old went live to showcase a science experiment in which he made "devils' toothpaste."

The ingredients consisted of Hydrogen Peroxide, yeast and dish soap to create a chemical reaction, which soon backfired when smoke filled up the room and he was seen struggling to breathe.

Firefighters were reportedly called to his home and he was given "oxygen so he can breathe," a message posted to his account read.

His cameraman Slipz also seemingly gave an update online, saying: "He was in here too long bro, he’s like struggling to breathe. We’ve got f**king firefighters and sh*t outside trying to help him. I don’t know what’s happening."

Fans soon jumped in to send well wishes to the star, with one writing: "We all wish iShowSpeed a good luck fighting breathing problems, just pray for them and everything will be ok."

Another wrote: "Pray for speed, but like, he be doing too much sometimes for content."

It comes after a separate scare earlier this year when Speed suffered from a "deadly headache."

The influencer was in hospital for weeks in July for a sinus infection.

"I am f***in’ back, bro," he said at the time. "Y’all don’t even know the pain I went through, bro. Y’all don’t know what the hell I went through, bro."

"Bro, I almost f***ing died. I almost jumped off of a f***ing building, chat. I was this close to jumping off of a Japanese building. And I’m not trolling, bro. I’m being deadass. I swear on my life, bro. It was that freaking bad, bro."

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