Controversial influencers the Island Boys say mum ‘doesn’t care’ they do OnlyFans

Controversial influencers the Island Boys say mum ‘doesn’t care’ they do OnlyFans
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Controversial sibling influencers the Island Boys say their mother “doesn’t care” that they kiss each other on OnlyFans.

The identical twin brothers caught the attention of internet users last month after a disturbing clip emerged showing them kissing each other.

Brothers Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas) shared the clip to promote their newly created OnlyFans account but were instantly hit with backlash from disturbed viewers.

In response to the criticism, the pair claimed it was not “that big of a deal” and “really not disgusting” because they’re twins.

Now, Flyysouljah has also commented on fans concerns about what their mother thinks, claiming that she “doesn’t care”.

In a TikTok clip, he said: “My mom doesn’t care. My mom is proud of me, that I’m successful. I get to take very good care of her. I’m about to give her $10,000 to go invest in her own business.”


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He added: “So, she’s proud of me. I bought her an apartment, a car. She doesn’t really care what I do in my personal life, to be honest with you.”

The video has been viewed almost one million times, but some fans weren’t buying that their mother did not care at all and questioned his dignity.

One TikToker commented: “His mum definitely doesn’t know cuz if she does that’s WILD.”

Someone else argued: “Bro your dignity shouldn't have a price tag. There's more to life than money.”

Another said: “I would rather my mother cared.”

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