It looks like a woman has done a poo in a Southport B&M

In news you didn't expect to hear today, police in Merseyside are looking for a woman who was caught on CCTV apparently having a poo in a B&M home bargains store.

Security footage from B&M in Southport shows a woman dressed in a hoodie and leggings checking the coast is clear before hoisting up her t-shirt. She then ducks into an aisle to complete the dirty deed.

The woman then carries on with her shopping like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The Mirror reports that staff at the B&M found the turd hidden under over £40 worth of baby clothes. When they pulled up the CCTV footage, they were amazed to find the culprit wasn't a dog or a child but a fully-grown woman.

The incident is believed to have happened last month. B&M have passed on all inquiries to the police.

Simon Wood, a media officer with Merseyside Police, told that a police report was filed this week related to the incident. The investigation into what they described as "a woman casing damage to clothing inside a shop in Southport" is ongoing.

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