A man from Switzerland said he received a letter from a concerned neighbour asking if he was a sympathiser of the so-called Islamic State.

The 29-year-old from Zurich put up a Jack Daniels flag on a pole outside his house because he said it 'looked funny'.

But his neighbour mistook it for the Isis flag and put a note in his mailbox. It said:

Should we be afraid of you. First the Italian flag and now the black death flag. Are you an IS-sympathizer?

It was signed off by 'worried neighbours'.

All of his neighbours have apparently denied being the note’s writer, possibly because once they realised the truth they felt a bit silly.

He told 20 Minutes he now feels uncomfortable, and has the shutters down on his apartment so no-one can see in. And he says he won’t be removing the flag.

HT Tribune

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