People are mocking anti-Labour coverage with #LastMinuteCorbynSmears

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images/Twitter/Screengrab

Today's Daily Mail devoted their front 13 pages to coverage attacking Jeremy Corbyn's credentials for Prime Minister and instructing voters to keep him out of office.

The news stories predominately focus on his meetings with the IRA, his security credentials, and Diane Abbott as Home Secretary.

Diane Abbott has, hours before polling day, been temporarily replaced as home secretary due to a period of ill health.

People noticed the coverage and have been mocking it on the hashtag #LastMinuteCorbynSmears, which was trending in the UK.

The #LastMinuteMaySmears hashtag is also predominately mocking Theresa May. Because Tories, it seems, aren't on Twitter.

And if they are they don't usually find this kind of thing worthwhile.

She's also done a perfectly good job of smearing herself this campaign, so it's completely unnecessary.

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