Jumping on bandwagons can be a risky business, as one US radio host found out the hard way.

Jesse Kelly, who has his own eponymous show, attempted to create his own version of a trending meme, but managed to liken himself to an infamous paedophile in the process.

Kelly offered up his own “My Fall Plans / Delta Variant” composite by sharing a picture of the late convicted child abuser Jeffrey Epstein and former First Lady Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

Presumably Kelly was playing on a wild and unfounded conspiracy theory that Epstein was murdered by the ex Secretary of State, but unsurprisingly that wasn’t most people’s focus.

“Why were you planning to be Jeffrey Epstein this fall?” journalist Frank Luntz asked.

“You were planning on some light pedophilia?” tweeted another commentator more bluntly.

Generally, the meme is used to illustrate how the so-called Delta coronavirus variant has ruined people’s plans for the coming months.

Most people’s versions show some sort of happy character or scene followed by something menacing. For example:

But Kelly’s own design has been met with bewilderment, with pundit Molly Jong-Fast asking: “You okay? ‘Cause you seem nuts.”

Here’s how other Twitter users responded:

Kelly’s tweet racked up a staggering 24,000 likes and more than 8,800 retweets in just 24 hours, as thousands of social media users mocked his bizarre blunder. Yet the Republican commentator didn’t delete the post or offer any kind of explanation.

Instead, he reshared the original tweet and then retweeted someone who mocked him for it:

Yes, we’re confused too.

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