Man with 'nobody likes a liar' tattoo tells Jimmy Kimmel he's been loving the Winter Olympics

Man with 'nobody likes a liar' tattoo tells Jimmy Kimmel he's been ...

A man who has a "nobody like a liar" tattoo told Jimmy Kimmel that he's been loving the Beijing Winter Games - but he's fibbing.

On Wednesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host highlighted his "Lie Witness News" segment, which regularly exposes people exaggerating things - and this time was no different than the rest.

"I don't believe people are paying attention [to] the Olympics. So we went on the street, and we asked pedestrians how they've been enjoying them so far," Kimmel began before the video cut to the interviews on the street.

One man told the interviewer that he enjoyed the opening ceremonies and even claimed there were celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly present. However, the ceremonies hadn't occurred at the time he said this.

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Another man thought it was "life-changing for the invention world" when asked his thoughts about Elon Musk debuting his latest Tesla snowboard that won a gold medal in speed boarding, although the snowboard doesn't exist.

But the one man that seemed to have no qualms about lying stole the show with his interesting tattoo.

After confirming that he saw US Olympian Shaun White filming a TikTok of himself snowboarding over the Great Wall, he described the imaginary moment as "Evil Knievel 2022".

"It was wild… it was something that nobody should attempt, but he broke history while doing it," the man said.

Soon after, the man was asked to show his tattoo, which said: "Nobody likes a liar."

And it encapsulated the moment perfectly.

The Beijing Winter Games will take place from Friday, February 4, through Sunday, February 20.

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