Roommates prank friend with elaborate fake job interview

A woman has gone viral after she secured a job interview after replying to a rejection email with a meme.

In a viral TikTok by @swedishswan that has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, she explained that she was inspired by Gen Z and took a risk after feeling dejected about another job rejection.

Responding to the email with a meme, the company then changed their mind and decided to offer her an interview, with some TikTokers commenting that they’re taking notes.

In the clip, the woman ended up in hysterics as she explained: “I just woke up when I got another rejection letter from a job that I applied for, and I really kind of wanted this job.

“So I took a lesson from Gen Z and I sent them back this – ‘y tho’. Anyway, it worked. They sent me another email saying that they do, in fact, now want to interview me. I can’t believe that worked.”

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In the comments section, other hiring managers said it would have worked on them as well.

One person wrote: “as a recruiter, if someone sent that to me I would ABSOLUTELY want an interview.”

Another said: “as a career coach, I love every damn thing about this.”

Someone else who did something similar and got the job wrote: “Responding to a rejection email was literally how I got my job now.

“I kept thinking: what are they gonna do, NOT hire me MORE?”

Someone else commented: “Gen Z are wizards of life.”

Another replied: “oh my god, i just applied for ten jobs this week and i am 100 per cent doin this now.”

“I feel like a lot of interviewing is just for personality and the fact that you showed some… they were like wait a minute this person is cool,” another TikToker wrote.

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