Jordan Peterson is now being triggered by paper towel dispensers

Jordan Peterson is now being triggered by paper towel dispensers
Jordan Peterson being disciplined for tweets raises free speech issues, critics say

Of all the things in the world to be offended by, Jordan Peterson has found an issue with paper towel dispensers in the bathroom.

On Twitter, the Canadian psychologist posted a photo of a paper towel dispenser with a sign encouraging people to use fewer paper towels to dry their hands.

“Remember you don’t need an arm’s length of paper towel to dry your hands. Use less and place what you use in the paper towel receptacle provided- it’s compostable,” the sign says.

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However, the friendly reminder did not sit well with Peterson, 60.

He wrote, “Up yours, woke moralists. Tyranny is always petty– and petty tyranny will not save the planet.”

He said the sign bothered him because “it’s celebrated,” “it’s everywhere,”, and “people are wilfully blind to it.”

Peterson, who often shares his, sometimes, controversial views on Twitter, has been outspoken about his denial of climate change and the government implementing policies.

So, it's no surprise the psychologist finds the government asking people to use less paper offensive.

But for many others, Peterson's complaint comes across as absurd.

Peterson has found himself at the center of controversy over the last few months as he was asked to complete mandatory social media training by the College of Psychologists of Ontario or risk losing his license.

The organisation claims they received complaints over some of Peterson’s offensive tweets.

Peterson rebukes their claims, saying he has a right to free speech.

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