Twitch blasted for removing FaZe Clan streamer Kalei Renay's emote

Twitch blasted for  removing  FaZe Clan streamer Kalei Renay's emote
Twitch launches tool to detect banned users

FaZe Clan streamer Kalei Renay has said that she “hates the internet” after Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming company, removed her emotes from its chat functionality.

Kalei, who has over 569,000 followers on her Twitch page, posted on Twitter about the ban, with a screenshot of the email from Twitch explaining why the offending emote was removed from chat.

According to Twitch, the emote broke the platform's rules against “Targeted insults, bullying and threatening or inciting abuse.”

Kalei responded by telling her Twitter followers, “I legit hate the internet lmao”.

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Kalei then lamented her situation and told her fans that she wasn’t in the mood to post on social media after the decision was made.

The emote in question was an illustration of a teddy bear, with their hand in the shape of an L on their forehead, to signify “loser”, which could be posted in the live-stream’s chat and viewers have been quick to label the move “ridiculous”.

Other fans have also responded to the ban with their own sardonic responses.

Other Twitch streamers have also had similar emotes removed from their channels as well, so it could be seen as a wider move to reduce negative responses in chat across the whole platform.

The L on the forehead is a universally known taunt, and one that even features in Fortnite as a rare emote titled “Take the L”.

Take The L - Fortnite Battle Royale (Emote)

Presumably, Twitch doesn’t have any plans to ban one of its most viewed categories as well.

It’s not the first time a Twitch emote has been banned from the platform either. In January 2021, the popular “Pogchamp” emote was removed, after the person behind the emote encouraged violence at the Capitol Hill riots.

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