Kid's Santa letter goes viral after he included disturbing threat

Kid's Santa letter goes viral after he included disturbing threat
Child's hilarious letters to Santa go viral: 'you look slow and easy …

Children around the globe tend to write letters to Santa Claus during the Christmas season.

They may give the North Pole leader a cheerful greeting and politely ask for certain gifts like a new doll, train set or gaming system, to name a few.

However, one child may have just landed himself a lump of coal and a spot on the naughty list after demanding more presents and telling Santa that he looks "slow and easy to kill."

TikTok creator Kodi Munk shared a video of himself barely able to contain his laughter as he read through the 2017 letters between a boy called Jeremy and Santa.

The kid was angry that he only got one of the two gifts on his list.

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"Dear Santa, I am writing this the day after Xmas, and I am very sad I only received one of the two presents I asked for," the first part of the letter read.

Jeremy also wrote that Saint Nick ate his cookies, so he'll "asoom [assume]" the missing gift was an oversight.

However, he still gave the Christmas leader one week to correct the mistake.

Santa didn't seem to bow down to Jeremy's requests as he penned another letter in response.

"Dear Jeremy, I am sorry you are disappointed with your presents. You asked for two very expensive presents, and Santa can only do so much,' he wrote.

He also told Jeremy that he needs to "learn to be grateful" for things he has instead of getting angry about things he doesn't have.

"If you continue to complain, I will have no choice but to add you to the naughty list next year," Santa added.

Things took a complete turn as Jeremy hit back at Santa with another letter, calling him a "fatty."

He also tells him to lay off the cookies next year because "they will be poision."

"Dear Fatty, Your threats don't scare me. I played your game and you did not deliver," Jeremy's letter read.


Jeremy was NOT playing about his Christmas!!! #greenscreen #christmas #santa

The seemingly disgruntled kid also said that Santa has "elf slaves" that can make things for him and that he is actually "very naughty for having slaves."

Santa took it a step further and wrote back to Jeremy, telling him that he is disappointed in him.

He also said that he spoke to Jeremy's parents about taking his Wii U away from him.

Jeremy really seems to not be in the mood to play around, warning Santa that he's on his "naughty list."

"Be afraid you look slow and easy to kill. Enjoy your cookies next year because they will be poison. I hope you die, Jeremy," his letter read.

Well, it's safe to say that little Jeremy was willing to go to whatever lengths he could to get his gift.

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