Memes of Kim Jong-Un flood the internet amid speculation about his health

Memes of Kim Jong-Un flood the internet amid speculation about his health

South Korea has denied rumours that the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un was in 'grave danger' following heart surgery.

Rumours about the health of the 36-year-old began to circulate after he missed the celebrations of his grandfather's birthday on 15 April, which is traditionally one of the biggest events of the year for the secretive nation.

Due to the lack of information that is released from North Korea rumours speculating that Kim was 'gravely ill', 'brain-dead' or 'recovering from an operation' are almost impossible to verify but officials in South Korea have said that they have seen nothing to suggest that Kim's health had declined.

With rumours flying around, Twitter users began to create – arguably macabre – memes speculating on what would have happened if the notorious North Korean leader had passed away.

According to Daily NK, Kim had been struggling with cardiovascular problems since August, which prompted some to assume that he had undergone heart surgery. No one has denied that he has had an operation leaving many to ponder what might have happened to his surgeon if things hadn't gone to plan.

Others began to wonder what the citizens of North Korea would actually do if their supreme leader was gone for good.

Dril, one of the all-time great Twitter meme accounts, also shared thoughts on Kim Jong-un's health at this uncertain time.

There is no obvious person in place to succeed Kim as North Korean leader. The BBC reports that due to his age it is presumed that he will see over the nation for many decades but the next obvious person in the Kim dynasty, as it currently stands is Kim Yo-jong, the sister of Kim Jong-un, who is 31-years-old.

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