Getty Images / AFP Contributor / Contributor; Kim Kardashian / Snapchat

This might be the most Kim Kardashian thing ever.

Kim took to Snapchat to share a picture of bins that had the Louis Vuitton logo plastered all over them.

Talk about throwing your money away.

Yep, these bins are 100 per cent more fashionable than yours. In fact these bins are probably more stylish than your dress sense, your car, and the rest of your house.

People got pretty jealous of the rubbish bins.

While others were inspired by the chic look.

Sadly, the bins might not actually belong to Kim - after all, the house behind isn't recognisable as hers.

So, instead we're hoping Kim gets inspired and will one-up whoever it was who got so into decorating their garbage.

Ready for gold-encrusted bin bags, anyone?

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