Kim Kardashian's SKIMS manufacturer tracked down in response to viral TikTok

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS manufacturer tracked down in response to viral TikTok
Viral Video Accuses Kim Kardashian of Scamming The Public with Skims

A woman has turned to TikTok claiming to have tracked down the manufacturer of Kim Kardashian's shapewear line, SKIMS.

Alex (@heyalexfriedman) shared her revelation with the platform in a viral clip that has since garnered 2.9 million views.

She explained how she used ImportYeti, an online tool to unveil material suppliers to popular brands. She discovered that Turkish manufacturer, Eurotex Tekstil Ticaret, was responsible for supplying to SKIMS. She noted that the manufacturer also supplies for companies such as Spanx.

“So, giving [Skims] the benefit of the doubt that they put in just as much work as they say they did, it’s unlikely to get the exact same product,” Friedman said, “But you’ll probably be able to get pretty darn close.”

Alex's newfound discovery excited viewers as they believed they would be able to get their hands on the sought after shapewear brand for a fraction of the price. However, the TikToker later clarified in the comments that this method is "most useful for people trying to start businesses not avg consumers.”

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"And she is saying people don’t wanna work these days," one joked, while many others thanked Alex for sharing her discovery.

One TikToker lifted the lid on their experience working for a supply chain. "Used the same factories as upper market brands. For lower prices. You mostly paying for brand name," they said.

Another claimed that budget fashion retailer, Primark, also used the same supplier. They said: "I can say with CERTAINTY that Primark use this factory in Turkey - I used to work in buying for Primark and I remember them."


Uno-reverse that. #skimsdupe #kimkardashian #importyeti ➡️ @heyalexfriedman

Alex's clip followed another viral TikTok that called out the shapewear mogul for "scamming the public."

Maya (@maya4.2.0) posted footage of her hefty SKIMS order to discover it had been "mislabeled" as $4.90 despite being retailed at $46.

“Kim K out here scamming the public,” she penned in the video’s overlay text.


Paid $50 for the shirt to cost $5 #skims #realprice This is exactly why I held out on skims for so long, just a cash grab

"Wait till you all find out this is every fast fashion brand," one shared, while another defended the brand and said, "it's probably a typo."

They added: "This is how businesses work. They markup their merchandise so that they make a profit. It’s not new."

indy100 reached out to SKIMS for comment.

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