King Charles's leaky pen outburst divides viewers

King Charles's leaky pen outburst divides viewers
King Charles loses his temper at leaking pen: 'Every stinking time'

King Charles III was captured venting his frustration at the hands of a leaking pen during a visit to the royal residence of Hillsborough Castle near Belfast.

On Tuesday (13 September), the new monarch sat down to sign the visitors' book, asking his wife and Queen Consort Camila Parker Bowles what the date was.

Attention soon turned to the faulty pen. "Oh god I hate this (pen)!" Charles said, standing up from his chair and handing the pen to Camilla.

"Oh look, it’s going everywhere," Camilla responded as her husband attempted to get the ink off his hands.

"I can’t bear this bloody thing … every stinking time," Charles said as he walked away.

The pen was quickly replaced, and the Queen Consort sat down to sign the book.

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The viral clip was shared online soon after, drawing a mixture of responses from Twitter users.

Some called out the King for his "strop", with one brutally saying: "I see a spoiled man child, always was and always will be, his whole life has been leading up to this and he is not up to it".

Others, however, were much more empathetic and quick to highlight his recent loss.

This moment days after, viewers of King Charles' historic accession to the throne found themselves distracted when he suddenly frantically gestured to one of his aides to get rid of a pot of ink.

Signing the historic Proclamation, the King aide motioned to an aide to move a pen box from his desk.

Despite the moment's importance, viewers found the seeming difficulty the King had with the pen hilarious.

The fountain pen set he used to sign the significant document was gifted to him by his sons, Princes William and Harry.

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