YouTube star sparks outrage after 'humiliating' prank video dying his girlfriend's skin blue

British YouTuber Kristen Hanby is facing backlash for pouring blue dye into his girlfriend's bath, seemingly without her consent.

Hanby uploaded the prank video to his YouTube channel, as well as to Facebook and TikTok.

He was slammed for "humiliating" his girlfriend "for social engagement".

Prank videos are a mainstay of YouTube and other social media channels, but sometimes go too far as creators compete for views.

Pouring potentially harmful chemicals into someone's bath without their knowledge will never be okay.

Hanby, a 27-year-old from Jersey, has 7 million Instagram followers and an estimated net worth of $1.2m.

He is best known for his prank videos, which have included pushing his sister into a pool and covering her with talcum powder and pretending to break his grandma's TV.

Hanby has also uploaded videos of his family and girlfriend Jasmine Woodward pranking him back.

Some people speculated that Woodward was in on the prank.

Particular details of the video don't quite add up.

But even so, what does the video tell us?

That violating someone's boundaries is a joke?

The problem with prank videos like Hanby's is that, whether they are staged or not, they help to normalise potentially dangerous behaviour as 'just a prank'.

And upsetting or angering someone by doing this shouldn't just be laughed at.

indy100 has reached out to Hanby for comment.

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