Lady Gaga telling Caitlyn Jenner she 'switched baristas' has become a meme

Lady Gaga telling Caitlyn Jenner she 'switched baristas' has become a meme
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A video of Caitlyn Jenner and Lady Gaga making uncomfortable small talk is reminding everyone that celebrities are truly just like us.

At Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar after-party, a reporter captured a video of the two women speaking to each other briefly.

Bahman Kalbasi posted the video saying, "Couldn’t make out [what] Caitlyn Jenner was saying to #LadyGaga here at #EltonJohn'sviewing partying, but Gaga seemed rather formal with her."

In the video, Jenner is engaging in a conversation with a seemingly unamused Gaga. Fans immediately deciphered the conversation and realized Jenner had asked Gaga why she had not seen her at their local Starbucks recently.

"I haven't seen you at the Starbucks in a while," Jenner says.

Gaga replied with the most niche excuse for her lack of appearance at their shared Starbucks.

"I... I... I've switched baristas," Gaga says as she slowly walks away.

The two exchanged a quick 'good to see you' before going separate ways.

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Twitter users found Gaga's response to Jenner hysterical as the exchange seemed as though Gaga has been trying to avoid Jenner at their local Starbucks.

"Gaga changing the Starbucks she goes to to avoid Caitlyn Jenner is the biggest mood ever. “I’ve switched Baristas,'" Kai said on Twitter.

"'I haven’t seen you at Starbucks in a while?' 'Well I’ve switched baristas…' Choosing to believe Gaga changed her Starbucks location to avoid Caitlyn Jenner 😭," Sam tweeted.

People instantly turned "I switched baristas" into a meme, coining it the newest excuse to indicate to somebody you don't want to speak with them.

Many compared it to the southern saying, 'bless your heart'.

It's unclear if switching Starbucks baristas is a real thing people do but we are definitely going to use it now.

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