Conservative activist gets savagely owned by a lake over abortions rights

Conservative activist gets savagely owned by a lake over abortions rights
Norma McCorvey's daughter speaks out about overturning of Roe v Wade

It's not every day you get into a Twitter argument with a lake.

On Friday, following the Supreme Court's ruling to overturnRoe v. Wade, Lake Superior tweeted from its account, "This lake vehemently stands with women having the right to choose."

With over 74k likes, many people supported the lake's outward expression of support for people who can get pregnant. The lake's tweet followed suit of other states and landmark's statement on the recent abortion ban.

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However one person did not find it as endearing.

Tom Fitton, a pro-Trump conservative who is president of Judicial Watch responded to Lake Superior's tweet with his own, "Water is wet and abortion kills a human being."

But it seems Lake Superior wasn't about to let Fitton, 54, win the argument.

The lake responded to Fitton, "Thomas, not even your first talking point is correct. Water is not wet, what water touches is wet. I'm confident I have a lot more experience in making things wet than you do.

People praised Lake Superior's takedown of the conservative activist.

"Hi 911 I would like to report a drowning," Richard tweeted in response.

"Who knew water could deliver 3rd degree burns?," another Twitter user wrote.

"This tweet is art. And abortion is healthcare. Thank you!" Cory tweeted.

"Getting dragged by an account that represents a lake. I’m here for it. Thomas getting both hands," a Twitter user said.

The lake spent the weekend responding to people who disagree with its pro-choice stance.

One Twitter user, Ryan, responded to Lake Superior's tweet with "Yep, I follow [Lake Superior] for political takes. Man, can't anything just be fun?"

To which the lake responded with three tweets roasting the person's criticisms .

This is not the first time Lake Superior has used its account to roast a conservative figure. Last week, the lake tweeted referencing Ron Johnson, the Republican Senator from Wisconsin.

"Ron Johnson doesn’t deserve to represent a state that shares my shoreline," Lake Superior tweeted.

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