The council has taken a year to fix this lamppost so this man just bought it a birthday cake

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On Pebsmarch Close in Colchester, there is a lamppost which has not worked for a year.

The street light was damaged 12 months ago when a bin lorry hit it.

In order to draw attention to the lengthy delay in the promised repair, a local Labour councillor called Dave Harris recently held a birthday party for it.

The party, covered by the Colchester Gazette, consisted of a cake and a card, presented to the lamppost.

Mr Harris told the Colchester Gazette:

It really is unacceptable.

It is on a corner with Wethersfield Road where many people walk at night, so it needs to be lit to make people feel safe, especially now we are coming into winter and the evenings will be darker.

I thought I’d have a party to show it’s still not been done.

I selected a card with an owl on it because you have to be an owl to see around the place at night.

Although Mr Harris, who raised the issue in mid-October 2015, was originally told the repairs would take "four to five weeks", the issue dragged on while contractors sourced materials and other repairs have taken priority.

Essex Highways have since confirmed the light will be repaired within a week.

Let's not hope for many happy returns.

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